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Poverty in rural areas in Haiti presents a sad reality that can be transformed to one of hope and happiness through quality and holistic education. On their own, the people cannot change their lives yet – but with our continued support at Parole & Action, many individuals, families and communities have uplifted their socio-economic conditions and faced a future of prosperity.

At P&A, we are dedicated to promoting development in Haiti through quality education so that Haitians and their children can strive to rise above poverty and become empowered leaders of sustainable communities. We look forward to a future where Haitian communities are strong, self-reliant and sustainable with Parole & Action alumni members leading in professional capacities in the field of agriculture, health and engineering for their own collective development.

We believe that collective action leads to prosperity.

Parole & Action encourages members and stakeholders to participate and contribute to the betterment of Haitian communities. Our approach is geared towards community empowerment by providing technical support for developmental initiatives requested by the members of the community themselves.

Through our 30 years of development work in Haiti, we have realized the significance of collaborating with the communities for the success of our educational, health and agricultural programs. It is our goal to empower rural communities until they can be spiritually and economically renewed.

At P&A, we have created an Educational Sponsorship Program which works closely with the Department of Education to provide children a well-rounded education, preparing them to face a brighter future and enabling them to significantly contribute to their communities.

We currently support a total of 5,270 students. They are enrolled in 29 primary schools, 5 secondary schools, 4 universities and 3 vocational schools. In partnership with the schools, we provide them with tuition assistance, school uniforms, food for church school and textbooks.


Our programs and initiatives on education are guided by these 5 pillars:

Academic Education/School Quality

We believe that high quality education, aimed at developing intellectual aptitude, interpersonal skills and spiritual awareness can pave the way for children to achieve their dreams for themselves and their community. We strive to provide adequate learning tools and support capable educators to teach and guide them to a sustainable future.

Christian Education

We join hands with local churches to instill Christian values to Haitian children. They are taught how to lead meaningful lives, honoring God and respecting their parents, teachers and peers. We have bible scholars, teachers and members of the church who provide a Christian education.

Health and Sanitation

Our students are entitled to receive health care by our partner health agents in their respective communities. The children are taught proper nutrition and sanitation to prevent sickness and promote health so they will be equipped to join and enjoy school activities.

Food and Agriculture

We conduct training and education in agriculture, environmental maintenance, and animal husbandry in collaboration with the Department of Education. Our teachers, community agents and agricultural sponsors are well-trained and suited to facilitate these much-needed trainings.

Advocacy and Networking

We spread awareness and promote a climate of continuity for our programs through our alumni club. The graduates of academic and vocational courses give back and serve in their community through the programs of Parole & Action.

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